Connect Tidy Office with your Facebook business page

When accessing Tidy Office for the first time you must connect this with your business Facebook page. Please ensure your personal Facebook profile is an Administrator User on your Facebook business page before you begin this process.

Facebook does not allow us the link directly to a business/location page, rather you connect to a Person's profile that has Administrator access to the business/location page. Don't worry, Tidy Office will not engage with your personal Facebook in anyway nor will be have anything to do with the other pages that you may be an Administrator for.

  1. Tap the menu from the top right corner
  2. Edit Profile
  3. Business Details
  4. Tap 'Connect Facebook'
  5. Log into Facebook (remember you must be an Administrator User on your Facebook business page)
  6. Press 'OK' for all permission requests

Check the .PDF document attached below for additional details and screen shots.

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