Logging in for the first time

The first step is accepting your email invitation to Tidy Office. If you have not seen the email invitation please search your inbox for the following: 

From: Tidy <>
Subject: Tidy: (yourbusinessname)

* Remember to check your spam folder

Once your have successfully accepted the invite you will be directed to create your Tidy Office profile (i.e username, password) and then log in.

If you find your email invite has expired please head to the main Tidy Office log in:

Use the 'Forgot Password' function to create new log in credentials. If you did not receive the forgot password email please search your inbox for the following: 

From: Tidy <>
Subject: Tidy Account Recovery

Once you are logged into your Tidy Office you need to:

Link Tidy Office with your Facebook business page

If you are still have accessing issues please contact the LOKE Support Squad at




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