Notifying patrons of your new member loyalty app

Notify patrons with the existing channels of marketing / communication used within your venue.

Your Existing Database

  • SMS: send out a sms template to all patrons in your database (include a link to download the App)
  • Email: send out an email template to all patrons in your database (include a link to download the App)

Learn how to find the URL for your app here


  • Cover page: Update your cover page with artwork of your app
  • Status update: Post a status update with artwork (include a link to download the App)
  • Create a Facebook Event with the App as the ‘event picture’, make the title (for example) - ‘Download our new app!’. Invite all the friends on your personal Facebook profile to this event
  • Promote a post on Facebook: Promoting a post provides increased exposure for a small investment
  • Facebook Ads: There are a variety of ads that can be used to promote your loyalty app. This is a great way to generate new customers.


  • Tweet an update on Twitter about your app (include link)


  • Advertise the app on your venues home page


  • Advertise the app using TV screens in your venue


  • Provide information about the new app to local magazines, blogs, write ups, online journals, and newspapers


  • Print posters and display them at your venue
  • Print flyers and hand out with change/receipts over bar
  • Leaflets on tables (in menu holders) at your venue
  • Bar tab cards
  • Hand out cards Stickers at your POS
  • Print T-shirts for staff members


  • Staff at the front door asking people to download the app to become a member

Vouchers (Coming Soon to Tidy)

  • Replace food/drink vouchers with app vouchers
  • Reward staff with vouchers
  • Allow customers to purchase vouchers
  • Competitions

Sponsorships / Perks

  • Run loyalty programs through the Perk section of your console
  • No card costs and easy to administer
  • Offer a percentage-off discount to surrounding businesses/clubs/organisations
  • Notify clubs that payment must be made through your mobile app. Track their spend and invest a percentage back in to their organisation

If you would like to offer a perpetual discount please email so we can help set this up!



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