How do rewards work in the app?

Remember for every $1 your spend at a participating store 10 reward points are automatically added to your profile.


Exchange reward points for an item

Like to name suggests, tap the promotion card from main screen, exchange your rewards points & claim your item. You can use it immediately or keep it in your 'Saved Offers' until it expires.

When it comes time to 'collect' simply tap reward in your 'Saved Offers' and follow the on-screen prompts. You'll have to present to staff at the counter so they can 'tap' your screen to complete the process and then hand you your reward.


Purchase in-app offers & deals

Similar to exchanging your reward points, you can purchase exclusive offers directly in the app. With one simple tap, you can buy an offer, use it immediately or keep it in your 'Saved Offers' until it expires. For every $1 you spend, 10 points will be automatically awarded to your profile. A receipt will be sent to your nominated email address.


Voucher credit

Voucher credit is just like cash-back; you may be able to able to exchange your reward points for it or it may come as a gift :) Your voucher credit balance will stay on your profile until it expires and will be automatically used on your next transaction; whether you are paying in-store or purchasing an in-app offer. You won't earn reward points for purchases made with voucher credit.

Please see the example see shots attached.

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