How to setup the 'Mobile Payment' add-on in Kounta

Please remember you must Enable & Connect the 'Add-on' in Kounta; these are 2 seperate steps.


The following steps will guide you through setting up LOKE mobile payments on Kounta in preparation for the launch of your app.

  1. Accept the Email invite to the Aston Club Auth* and create your username + password
  2. Log into your Kounta back-of-house
  3. Select your site
  4. Tap 'Add-ons' and then the 'Loyalty' category
  5. Tap 'Tidy'
  6. Tap the 'Enable Tidy' button
  7. Tap the 'Connect' button
  8. Login with the new username & password you just created for Aston Club Auth
  9. Select the your location from the drop-down

If you have any questions please email

* If you haven't received your invite please check your Spam folder for the following details:

Subject: Aston Auth Invite
From: Aston Support <>

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