Add Markdown in the Promotional Details Screen

You can now add markdown in the Promotional Details screen, this allows you to create headings and make parts of your promotion stand out with bold or italic text and links.

The text below corresponds with the image showing how the markdown looks in the Tidy Office (when creating a promotion) and how the markdown appears on the Promotion Details screen.

To use one of the Headings put your text after the #

# Heading One 
## Heading Two
### Heading Three  

 Note: Heading One and Heading Two will change to the secondary colour of your app, if your secondary colour is green, these headings will be green. Heading three will remain black.

Type your text between the **your text**

**Make text bold** 


Type your text between the _your text_

_Make text italic_ 


To link text, in the square brackets write what you would like the link to say - [click here]. Following the square brackets, insert the URL of the website you'd like the link to take customers to between round brackets

[click here]( 


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