How to Log In to your Merchant Dashboard Payment Gateway (FZ)

Once you've setup your Merchant Dashboard, you can log in at any time to:

  • View transactions
  • Process refunds
  • Access and setup reporting

You can Log Into your Payment Gateway at or just click below:

Merchant Dashboard Payment Gateway 



Can't remember your password:

Your user name will be the email address that received your original Merchant Dashboard Invitation email. You can use that same email address to reset your password, just tap Forgot Password? from the Log In page.


I don't have a user-profile for my Merchant Dashboard:

If you do not believe you received your Merchant Dashboard Invitation email or your setup link has expired send a quick email the to Payment Gateway team ( & request they re-send a new Merchant Dashboard Invitation email. Once the email is sent, you have 24hrs to create your user-profile.   



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